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Canterbury Gold DOE Documents

CG01 Canterbury Gold Joining Flowchart
This chart shows you which forms you need to complete to join Canterbury Gold and enrol on the Award

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Last updated Wed 16/11/2016 @ 17:13


CG01A Getting started
Getting started 

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Last updated Wed 16/11/2016 @ 08:48


CG02 Canterbury Gold Registration Form
Please use this form to join the Canterbury Gold Award group.

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Last updated Wed 11/16/2016 @ 17:16


CG03 KCC DofE enrolment form 2016
Please use this form to register with KCC/DofE

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Last updated Mon 16/11/2016 @ 19:16


CG04 Canterbury Gold Transfer Form
Please use this form if you are already enrolled at Gold level and are transferring to Canterbury Gold

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Last updated Thu 12/01/2011 @ 10:10


CG05 Notification of Achievement of Gold Award
Please complete this form when you have finished your Gold Award.  Once completed please return to the Unit Leader.

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Last updated Sun 08/09/2015 @ 08:22


EX01A Trip Information Sheet Africa (2017)
Trip information sheet for Expedition and Residential Project in South Africa and Mozambique August 2017

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Last updated Fri 07/24/2015 @ 08:10


EX01C Cevennes Trip Information
Cevennes 2016

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Last updated Sun 11/01/2015 @ 07:14


EX02A Booking Form Africa (2016)
Please complete this form to book your place on the 2016 Africa Expedition and Residential Project trip

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Last updated Fri 07/24/2015 @ 08:11


EX02C Booking Form Cevennes (2016)
Cevennes 2016 Booking Form

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Last updated Sun 11/01/2015 @ 08:01


EX03A Consent Form Africa (2016)
Consent form for 2016 Africa trip, please complete at time of booking

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Last updated Fri 07/24/2015 @ 08:12


EX03C Consent Form Cevennes (2016)
Cevennes 2016 Consent Form

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Last updated Sun 11/01/2015 @ 07:19


EX04 Training Programme (2016)
Required training for our 2016 expeditions

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Last updated Fri 07/24/2015 @ 08:17


EX06 Medical Questionnaire
A full medical questionnaire must be completed and returned to us before you attend any activities provided by Canterbury Gold.  You may update your medical form with us at anytime as we understand particularly with Africa you may not have had you immunisations.

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Last updated Thu 12/01/2011 @ 10:15


EX07 Kit List
Mandatory Kit / Equipment required for activities offered by Canterbury Gold

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Last updated Thu 07/09/2015 @ 12:41


EX08 Expedition Route Card
Expedition route card and description

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Last updated Mon 10/03/2011 @ 06:53


EX09 Expedition Menu Planner
Use this to plan the meals for the entire group during your expedition.  The menu planner is an essential document for both Practice and Qualifying Expeditions and must be completed.  Also included in this document is a shopping list, this is an aid to help you decide quantities and who is going to buy/carry certain items.

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EX10 KCC Insurance Details (2016)
This document shows the level of cover provided through the KCC Insurance Department. It ONLY applies to our Expeditions in Calais, Southern Africa and the Cevennes.

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PL01 Personal Award Tracker (PAT)
Every six months we will ask all our members to complete this form, it will allow us to track your progress and will also give you the opportunity to make decisions about what you want to do with your award

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Last updated Sun 01/22/2012 @ 02:24


PL02 Programme Ideas
Struggling with ideas of what you can do for your award, here you will find activity ideas for the Volunteering, Physical Recreation, Skill, Expedition and Residential Project sections of the award.

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Last updated Mon 07/11/2011 @ 06:01


PL03 Volunteering Planner
This will help you plan your Volunteering

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Last updated Mon 07/11/2011 @ 05:56


PL04 Volunteering Activity Log
Record (not electronically) the time you spend on your Volunteering

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Last updated Mon 07/11/2011 @ 05:57


PL05 Skills Planner
This will help you plan your Skill

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Last updated Mon 07/11/2011 @ 05:57


PL06 Skills Activity Log
Record (not electronically) the time you spend on your Skill

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PL07 Physical Recreation Planner
Please use this to help plan your Physical Recreation

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PL08 Physical Recreation Activity Log
Record (not electronically) the time you spend on your Physical Recreation

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PL09 Expedition Planner
This will help you plan your expedition

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PL10 Residential Project Planner
This will help you plan your Residential Project

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